as at 28th May 2020

We are continuing our services as normal and helping you achieve your goals. 

Please do not hesitate to talk to your therapist about our Telehealth options for your appointments. 

We currently have capacity across all our services - Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology. Please feel free to contact us via the contact button above, facebook or the good old fashioned telephone on 02 8005 6770.

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis Nouvita has put in place a risk management plan dealing with the risk posed by COVID-19 to our therapists and our clients whilst continuing to provide the best support we can in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Please be assured that all of our team are following the Australian Department of Health guidelines for practicing good hygiene and working within the health sector. These guidelines and other helpful information can be found here:  Dept of Health - What you need to know.


At this point we can also confirm that no-one in our team has tested positive for the coronavirus or been requested to self-isolate.


Given the nature of what we do and the varying medical conditions our clients have, no one approach will suit all our clients. Therefore we aim to continue most services catered to individual client needs but do foresee some face to face appointments being cancelled as the risk to our clients outweighs the reward. We understand clients may be concerned about their own safety or they may be required at some point to self-isolate as part of the Governments response measures to this crisis. Therefore we are pleased to advise we are able to offer appointments via video conferencing where it may be feasible to achieve the same outcome in therapeutic supports replacing the need for a face to face appointment. With this in mind our therapists will be available to review future appointments with each client. We would also expect any clients who are displaying flu like symptoms to contact their therapist and cancel appointments and if suitable arrange a video appointment.

The platform we are offering this service through currently is Microsoft Teams. This platforms works on all devices and will require downloading and installing an app(available at the App Store or Google Play). This is our preferred platform as this will allow multiple attendees, for example a COS, to attend the meeting via video as well. However this platform requires you to have an email address. Where this isn't possible and you only need a one to one meeting, your therapist can talk to you about using Google Duo or Facetime which only requires a mobile phone number.


We understand this situation is very fluid and evolving on a daily basis. If you would like to cancel your appointments, please let us know via or directly with your therapist.


Finally, we will be providing all future updates on our services via our Web and Facebook pages

Andrew Hungerford

Business Manager – Nouvita

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